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Gone are the days of big, bulky replacement frames that reduce natural light. Our Slim Profile is designed to reduce the frame’s size and maximize the glass surface to create a more modern and contemporary look.


The extra deep engineered shoot bolt locks that reinforce the sash and frame are all integrated inside header and sill plates of the sash, making the windows virtually tamper proof.  Depending on the size and style of your window, each one will come with multi point locking and if you combine that with our internal beading it will easily resist hand, tool, and load manipulation techniques commonly used by intruders.


Our window systems make it incredibly quick and simple for you and your family to fully open and escape from their windows in case of an emergency.


Never again will you have to risk your life climbing up dangerous, unstable, ladders.  Every single one of your windows on the second or third storey can be washed from the inside of your home with the option of our easy clean hinges, this will save you money on any monthly window cleaning charges that you may have.

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